Dripline recoiler hire through Netafim

Cowaramup Agencies is a ‘Home Base’ for  the Netafim Recoiler for recoiling used dripline.

However, administration, billing and instructions on how to use machine is handled by a Netafim contractor.

All enquiries for the recoiler are to be directed to:

Uma Preston (Netafim Contractor)

m: 0452 537 266 or



As a rule, the recoiler hire is set at $100 per day. It requires two people to use and generally 20km of dripline can be recoiled in one eight hour day by two people.


The process for Netafim Recoil Clients picking up and returning machines to and from Cowaramup Agencies involves the following :

Growers wishing to use the Netafim Recoiler need to contact Uma Preston (details above).

Uma advises all information, including charges, and issues an end-user agreement for the client to sign, as well as providing a safe operating procedure for the Netafim Recoiler and a Check List.

The Netafim Recoil End User Agreement is issued by Uma and signed by the client.  It indicates the date and time the Netafim Recoiler will be provided to the client and when they are to return it.

On pick up, Part A of the Check List is run through with the client and Cowaramup Agencies staff member before they take the machine.

The Check-List is also provided to the client – so they can use it to check they don’t accidentally retain one of the many parts the machine comes with.

On return, Part B of the Check List is completed with a Cowaramup Agencies staff member, then scanned and sent to Uma, confirming time, date of return and good condition of the machine.