Fertiliser & Agronomy

Fertiliser & Agronomy

Organic Fertilisers


Liquid Potassium fertiliser 30%K, also includes plant stimulants for enhanced crop performance.Organic-K is completely soluble and plant available, delivering the required quantity of nutrients with low application rates.

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Organic-N is a controlled bacteria fermentation of different vegetables which provides a convenient liquid source of nitrogen for all crops. Plants required relatively large amounts of nitrogen.

SFS Soil Health Fish Emulsion

A nutrient source for soil microbes which in turn impact soil health.

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SFS Soil Health Fol-Up

Fol-Up contains fulvic acid which is suitable for use directly as a foliar fertiliser or combined with other water-soluble fertilisers (NPK & trace elements).

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SFS Soil Health Vital Earth

Pelletised active carbon source.  Soil microbes and plants need energy from active carbon to thrive.

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Organic Farming Systems

Sustainable systems for a better environment.  Check out OFS range of organic fertilisers, bio-stimulants, bio-protection and post harvest products.

Organic Farming Systems Products

TerraFirma Organic Life

High performance fertiliser pellets – supercharged, fully composted, biologically activated organic fertiliser.

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TerraFirma Poultry Manure

Fully composted, pelletised poultry manure – highly concentrated and nutrient rich.

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Liquid Fertilisers

Nutrafeed Flower Pro 7.5-15-10+TE

Nutrafeed Liquid Flower Pro is a new high analysis liquid NPK + TE fertiliser suitable for foliar or soil application on a wide range of horticultural and broad acre crops.  Significantly improves flowering uniformity.

Flower Pro Tech Note

Nutrafeed Liquid Grow 16-5-13+TE

Nutrafeed Liquid Grow  is a new high analysis liquid NPK + TE fertiliser suitable for foliar or soil application on a wide range of horticultural and broad acre crops.

Liquid Grow Tech Note


Super Kelp – Organic Liquid Seaweed

100% Seaweed extract.  Stimulates root growth, reduces stress.  Certified input for organic farming.

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Intuit Earth – mature organic biodynamic compost (Australian Organic Registered Farm Input)

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Call into the store to check out our huge range of fertilizers including:

  • Blood and Bone
  • Multigrow
  • Nitrogen
  • Calcium Nitrate
  • DAP
  • NPK Blue
  • Super Phosphate
  • Custom Mixes


For a complete range of quality bulk and bagged fertilizers

CSBP Products




CSBP’s NUlogic Soil and Plant Analysis provides the complete service to collect and submit your samples for testing. With the input of local knowledge and over 40 years of trials data, NUlogic Soil and Plant Analysis provides a comprehensive agronomic and economic analysis of your nutrient levels, for which to base fertiliser decisions.

CSBP Plant Analysis Kits

CSBP Soil Analysis Kits