Irrigation session 26 October

Cowaramup Agencies is pleased to partner with irrigation specialists Netafim, MAIT Industries and SWAN Systems to bring growers the latest in irrigation innovations.

This session is for the Margaret River region’s viticulturalists and operations requiring effective irrigation systems. It will cover the latest in irrigation technology from key suppliers to Cowaramup Agencies’ Pumps & Irrigation division, led by Brad Miller. It is also applicable to horticulture, turf and general agriculture.

DATE:                    Wednesday, 26 October 2022

TIME:                    2.00pm– 3.30pm (followed by drinks until 5pm)

LOCATION:         Cowaramup Hall, Hall Rd, Cowaramup


Product wraps from:

  • Netafim,
  • MAIT Industries and
  • SWAN Systems

Your questions answered:

  • How can automated irrigation systems impact my crop quality, sustainability outcomes and bottom line?
  • What are the pros and cons of installing a wireless system (to address wired solenoid problems)?
  • How can I maximise my irrigation system’s capacity using software data programs?
  • Who can install and maintain these systems locally?

PLUS Netafim dripline recoil system demonstration

Patrick Johnson, WA/NT State Sales Manager at Netafim

AND DrumMUSTER container recycling 5 minute refresher

Graeme Passmore, Regional Consultant

REFRESHMENTS: Join us for drinks and light catering from 3.30-5pm

Please RSVP to this free event for catering purposes by Monday 24 October 2022 to



John Witherspoon, Digital Farming Product Manager Australia/New Zealand

Fertigation techniques – selecting the right fertigation unit for your application, fertigating efficiently – proportional dosing – minimize fertilizer wastage.

Wayne Ingram, Irrigation Products Technical Manager Australia/New Zealand

Low Flow Drippers/Dripline – development of the low flow dripper and how long irrigations create high availability of water, nutrients and oxygen to the root zone and are proven to support healthier crops and higher yields, as opposed to shorter irrigations with higher flow.

Cowaramup Agencies is your local supplier of Netafim systems through its Pumps and Irrigation division.


Coenraad Grabe, Business Development Manager, MAIT Industries

Coenraad will give a general introduction and company history followed by brief overviews of MAIT Industries web systems, radio network systems, wired systems, and NMC single net integration.

He will briefly demonstrate the IntelliNET software and IntelliPump control software for irrigation scheduling; monitoring solutions including IntelliGraph reporting software for infield monitoring equipment.

More about Coenraad:

Coenraad is an irrigation professional with over 15 years of irrigation industry experience ranging from domestic and commercial solutions through to complex monitoring and control solutions for horticulture, viticulture and turf markets.

Coenraad’s passion is to provide end users with the most capable single system solution to guarantee efficient and cost effective farming practises are reached.

Cowaramup Agencies is your local supplier of MAIT Industries through its Pumps and Irrigation division.


Tom Hatcher will present a complete SWAN Systems overview, demonstrating how SWAN provides customers with an irrigation schedule derived from data from the vineyard’s existing hardware. This irrigation schedule has the potential to be sent straight to the controller to give the grower a cost-effective and efficient irrigation management system.

Here’s what you will learn:

SWAN System Overview

  • SWAN can integrate with multiple existing hardware devices in your vineyard. It is a central place to aggregate all your data for easy access and viewability.
  • SWAN sets water budgets according to the varieties you are growing in your vineyard. Our extensive crop library ensures SWAN calculates accurate water requirements for different varieties.
  • An automated irrigation schedule is calculated by assessing the current soil moisture content and using forecast weather and crop and soil settings to determine how much and when to irrigate.
  • SWAN uses spatial imagery to gauge the health of the vine canopy. Within our imagery offering, numerous features can help the client make different management decisions.
  • We offer an easy-to-use nutrient and planning module where you can compare planned and applied nutrients, including field application, foliar application and fertigation.
  • SWAN also offers numerous reporting features which can assist in future planning and becoming more efficient in your water and nutrient applications.

More about Tom:

Tom Hatcher is an experienced viticulturist working with irrigation management software. He has worked in numerous grape-growing regions over the last 20 years, including Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills, Mclaren Vale, California and Tuscany, and spent seven years in the Margaret River region working in vineyard management. Over the years, he has learned the importance of effective irrigation management in achieving quality fruit outcomes.