After nearly 25 years of developing the first anti-cutting safety system (DSES), INFACO is yet again the pioneer and the world’s first manufacturer to design and sell electric shears featuring a wireless safety mechanism

The DSES WIRELESS* system is a new safety feature that protects Electrocoup users from cutting their fingers. Developed and patented by INFACO, this WIRELESS system instantly responds to any contact with the skin, protecting the user from serious injury.

With this new generation of safety system, operators no longer need to be hooked up with additional wires connected to the secateurs. The system comprises of a conductive trigger (patented) that connects the user’s body to the electronic control system of the shear, thus detecting any contact between the cutting head and the operator’s skin. When this occurs, the system immediately initiates the re-opening of the blades thus avoiding any grievous incidents.


This new system is based on the principles of conductivity. In this case, our body acts as the conductor and prevents the blade from going through the finger (as one of the user’s finger is always on the trigger). However, as much as we think we are all the same, we are different. Conductivity of the human body varies from person to person and not everyone is as conductive as the other. To ensure that this system always works, INFACO recommends the use of the special conductive gloves.

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