In addition to agronomy advice offered to clients via Brooke Anderson’s Agronomy Solutions, other agronomy-related items can be found on this page.

Agronomy Advice

Brooke Anderson of Agronomy Solutions offers independent agronomic advice and is based in Cowaramup. She specialises in soil and plant nutrition, grazing management, weed management, plant variety selection and fertiliser budgeting for pasture systems as well as devising fungicide programs and soil and plant nutrition for viticulture. Brooke has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Honours) and completed her honours on the sustainability of lime resources on the SW Coast. With over 20 years’ experience, Brooke has a sound understanding of many agricultural systems.


Brooke also works alongside Cowaramup Agencies Organics Specialist Mike Sleegers to provide organic solutions to growers working towards organic certification or looking to adapt their organic inputs. Learn more about our Organics Specialist here.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Pest Genie is an on-line system designed to support the effective and appropriate use of crop protection and animal health products. The subscription system contains comprehensive up-to-date information on a broad range of products, as well as other information relating to their use.

Pest Genie provides instant access to information for farmers, advisors, employees, veterinarians, scientists, students, gardeners, people concerned with workplace health and safety and many other groups with an interest in crop protection and veterinary care.

MSDS labels can be found attached to each product. A quick search of supplier websites will show product MSDS data.

Sap and tissue interpretation

Cowaramup Agencies offers a complete petiole testing service, from sample gathering to results analysis and advice on soil nutrition for $90 per sample. Read more here. The best time to test grapevines in the Margaret River region is at flowering.

Soil analysis

Maximise your yields from pasture and crops by grabbing a CSBP Nulogic soil sampling kit which will provide a measure of nutrients in your soil as well as an indication of your soil nutrient levels. Read more here.

Kits are available from Cowaramup Agencies and Brooke can provide valuable advice on the results.

Spray diary sheets

Spray diary sheets are available free of charge from Cowaramup Agencies for accurate record keeping of spray activity.

Download Spray Diary Sheet