Amgrow Patrol Fixant Advanced Ant Sand Insecticide

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Patrol Fixant Advanced Ant Sand contains Fipronil, a new active ingredient compared to other ant killers on the market. Fipronil is more toxic to insects than to people and pets making it the ideal choice for ant control around the home. Patrol Fixant Advanced Ant Sand is evenly graded and can be applied to areas of high ant traffic. It kills by contact and ingestion resulting in the eradication via social interactions between ants. This cascading effect can cause a projected 95% kill rate of the colony over a 3 day period, as ants return it back to the rest of the nest with the ant sand.

How to use:

Sprinkle Patrol Fixant Advanced Ant Sand directly into the nest if possible to provide effective control. Otherwise sprinkle lightly around ant tracks. Refer to packaging for instructions.


0.2g/kg Fipronil

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