Baileys 3.1.1. Granulated

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3.1.1. Granulated is a premium, fully granulated, balanc

ed formula of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements iron and manganese. It is specifically formulated for use as a maintenance fertiliser and to establish new root development after winter dormancy or renovations.
3.1.1. Granulated is ideal for sporting complexes and grounds, turf farms, council parks, golf clubs and domestic/home lawns. BENEFITS
  • Western Australian designed and manufactured product tailored to our soil profile and conditions.
  • Fully granulated to ensure easy and even distribution of nutrients across turf surfaces, reduces dust and maximises delivery.
  • Contains a high nitrogen component for rapid growth and colour, suitable to sporting complexes and turf farms where an instant result is required.
  • Contains high levels of essential turf nutrients for healthy growth, excellent colour and plant functioning.
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