Klima Self Releasing Clips

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Klima Self Releasing Clips can be used in fruiting wire and foliage wire positions (available in Red to distinguish fruiting from Foliage positions).

Why use this clip?: It was designed by Wirecare and KLIMA to provide a self releasing vineyard clip that would be compatible with the revolutionary KLIMA pruning system. These clips were designed to take the place of staples and Wirecare clips

The KLIMA Self Release KLIMA clip has many benefits for the grower, mainly:

Zero preparation; There is no manual unclipping required before the KLIMA machine goes down the row.

Zero Snag; wires can’t get snagged (resulting in machine downtime) on the clips as the machine goes down the row.

They are easy to use for wire lifting

Easy to install with nail or screw

They hold the wires in the dips and hollows of a vineyard.

10+ years life span in Harsh UV environment

KLIMA compatible? Yes these are custom built for KLIMA use.

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