Livestock & Pets

Cowaramup Agencies ensure the best possible feed, supplements, vaccines, drenches and sundry items are on hand for your animals.

Product ranges for sheep and cattle, through to horses, dogs, alpacas and chickens can be found in store and if not, we can order in for you.

General feed for pigs, goats and deer is available, a quick call to us to discuss your requirements before you come in is a great way to go.

Product range

Cattle and Sheep Pinkeye Spray and Powder, Cetrigen Bacteria Spray, drencher and Pour-On guns + service kits, quickshot vaccinators, elastorator rings and applicators, dagging shears, wool bale fasteners, comb and cutter sharpening papers + adhesive, stock prodders, syringes and needles, hand tele-counters, de-horners, drench back-packs calf feeders, calf and lamb teats, lamb powdered milk, marking pens, applicators, electric/fencing,

We have identification products such as sheep and cattle tags (blank or laser printed to your specifications).

Pet Supplies Dog biscuits, canned dog food, dry cat food, canned cat food, wormers.

Chickens layer pellets, poultry mix, wheat, chicken starter crumble, pollard, shell grit

New products arrive daily. For full range, service and advice and to ensure the product you need is in stock contact us (08) 9755 5279.