Microlene Aquashield Centurion Smart 3-Stage UV System

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Microlene Aquashield Centurion 3-Stage UV System

  • For effective disinfection and filtration of your rain, bore and surface water, go UV. The NEW hardworking, Smart and Xtra Smart 3-Stage UV Systems are relentless in removing the unwanted, down to microscopic detail. What remains is crystal clear water, free from chemical taste and smell.
  • In conjunction with pre-filtration, UV is the best practical option for treating drinking water. The Microlene Aquashield Centurion Smart 3-Stage UV System is simplistic in operation yet advanced in its output and efficiency. For ease of use this model comes with a tricolour LED display that indicates system status and a 3-digit display to indicate lamp life remaining.
  • The Smart 3-Stage UV System features:
    • Fully RCM and WaterMark certified
    • Supplied pre-assembled, saving installation time
    • High maximum operating pressure 827kPa (120 psi), and single manifold heads meaning no potential leaks between heads
    • 316L stainless steel, axial flow chambers allow for optimum efficiency plus lamp and sleeve service without the need to drain the water
    • 10,000 hour lamps - the longest residential lamp life on the market
    • Reverse flow capability allows for install versatility


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