Microthiol Disperss, 15kg

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Microthiol Disperss is a dry flowable sulfur formulation made of finely ground particles that primarily range from 1-6 microns with a median of 3 microns (versus standard wettable powder formulations with a median particle size of 24 microns). With 8x more particles in Microthiol Disperss than standard you have 8x more particles to cover and protect the leaf surface.

Microthiol Disperss is a free flowing water dispersible granule meaning minimal dust and instantaneous dispersion to leave little to no residue in the tank. The smaller size particles improves Microthiol Disperss's suspension in the tank, giving better leaf coverage and reduced phytotoxicity.

For the control of certain fungal disease in grapevine, pome & stone fruits, some vegetables & ornamentals; and for the control of mites in grapevine, citrus, some vegetables & ornamentals; and white louse scale in citrus.

Quick Facts

  • Excellent efficacy against target diseases & mites
  • Patented micronised sulphur particles for better suspensibility, better leaf coverage & reduced phytotoxicity
  • Tried & trusted free flowing water dispersable granule
  • Easy to re-disperse if application is temporarily halted
  • Produced in France for the Australian market
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Organically certified


Sulphur 800 g/kg

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