Nufarm Weedmaster Duo, 1L

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Specially Developed For Horticulture And Industrial Situations.

Nufarm weedmaster DUO is fully loaded with an aquatically approved surfactant for use with high water rates in horticulture and industrial situations.

Unlike other 360 gm glyphosate formulations, Nufarm weedmaster DUO contains two salts to improve plant uptake. The result is better weed control which also gives you extra flexibility thanks to its enhanced tank mix compatibility.

Nufarm weedmaster DUO also has the added advantage of full aquatic registration.

Nufarm Weedmaster Duo Delivers:

  • Fast, reliable, broad-spectrum weed control
  • A 'fully loaded' surfactant that enables excellent weed control when applied in high water rate applications
  • Excellent tank mix compatibility
  • Improved plant uptake due to Dual Salt Technology®
  • Aquatically approved surfactant for use near drains, rivers and creeks.

Nufarm Weedmaster Duo – The Product

Nufarm weedmaster DUO contains 360 g/L of glyphosate, present as the isopropylamine and mono-ammonium salts. The important difference between Nufarm weedmaster DUO and other 360 g/L glyphosates is that it uses those two bases to form soluble glyphosate salts – the unique Dual Salt Technology process developed by Nufarm. The inclusion of mono-ammonium salt along with a unique surfactant package accelerates the progress of glyphosate through the cuticle into the plant sap transport system.


Nufarm weedmaster DUO is registered for the control of annual and perennial weeds, brush and woody weeds, aquatic weeds, unwanted trees in forestry and a wide range of crops.

Specific rates are registered for application by boomsprays, handguns and knapsacks. For brush and woody weeds, there are specified low-volume application rates and aerial rates for application in tank mixes with Nufarm's Associate®. Wiper and controlled droplet application equipment can also be used in specific situations. Check the product label for full details.


Enhanced tank mix compatibility is a key benefit of Dual Salt Technology. Nufarm weedmaster DUO can be tank mixed with a number of herbicides, insecticides and additives. For a full list of compatible products, view the product label at


  • Recommended for reliable performance in horticulture and industrial situations.
  • Outperforms standard 360 g/L glyphosate formulations on a range of weeds in various situations.
  • Full aquatic registration also makes Nufarm weedmaster DUO ideal for council use in parks and gardens and along drains, rivers and creeks.
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