OCP Synertrol Horti Botanical Oil Concentrate

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Synertrol Horti is a botanical oil based product that improves the wetting, spreading, sticking, drift control and biological activity of most horticultural sprays. It is suitable to be added to most foliar agrochemical, horticultural, pesticides and fertiliser sprays. Synertrol is made from 100% Australian grown canola oil and is a Registered Organic Adjuvant for use with other Registered Organic crop protection and nutritional products.

  • Increases wetting and penetration of foliar pesticides and fertilisers
  • Improves rainfastness and spray run-off
  • Supports more uniform spray droplets which reduces risk of drift
  • Minimises evaporation and UV degradation
  • Improves spray uptake and overall off-target contamination
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