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Pump and fittings package valued at $670 when purchased with any tank.

You get:

  1. Davey SJ35-04P high pressure pump
  2. Philmac metric end connectors, nipple, elbows and ball-valve
  3. Metric Poly pipe

Based on 25mm Philmac fittings only.

Questions? Ask us for help and advice on sizing, fittings, tank pads and more.

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Davey SJ35-04P

These stainless steel jet pumps are manufactured to the exacting standards that Davey has established for all of their products to provide you with a dependable, value for money investment.
  • Household gardening and domestic water supply
  • Farming and agricultural water systems
  • Irrigation and turf watering systems
  • Automatic general water transfer

Pump Features:
  • Single stage jet assisted centrifugal pump: Higher operating pressures, Less moving parts for increased dependability, Self priming for easier installation
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Corrosion resistant and stainless steel pump components: Longer life when pumping a variety of water qualities, Reduced friction within the casing and impellers
  • High quality purpose built 2 pole, 50Hz, IP55 TEFC pump motors, designed to Davey standards.

Davey SJ35-04PC Silver Series pumps provide ample water pressure to power:

  • A garden hose with spray nozzle fitted.
  • A garden spray system with up to 25 micro jet sprays.
  • A garden dripper system with up to 200 garden drippers (4 litre per hour drippers).
  • Two small impact sprinklers
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