Raid Automatic Advanced Insect Control System, Indoor

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The 305g aerosol refill Lasts up to 105 days, when used on the 12 hour setting.

  • Commercial Strength Formula
  • Tested by experts
  • With Natural Pyrethrins*
  • The Automatic dispenser has 2 Time Settings available; set to either 12 or 24 hour.
  • Automatic set & forget protection against insects

Continuous Automatic Protection

Raid® Automatic Advanced Insect Control System Do-It-Yourself Expert with Natural Pyrethrins, is designed for continuous protection against flying and crawling insects. Pyrethrins are nature's own protection against insects, extracted from chrysanthemum daisies. Pyrethrins control most common insects.

Effective insect control through advanced Micromist TechnologyTM

The Raid unique Automatic dispenser uses ADVANCED MICROMIST TECHNOLOGYTM which creates a mist of incredibly fine micro particles to eliminate insects. Because it's a mist which stays in the air longer, it's more easily spread throughout your whole room (30m2)**

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