SFS Fish Plus

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All in one soil health improver

Improving soil health suppresses disease, improves plant growth & improves nutrient availability.

Recent research has found the key to a healthy soil is to:

  • Stimulate microbial activity
  • Improve microbial diversity
  • Add active carbon to soil, and
  • Energise the plant

Fish Plus does all this!

Healthy soil has multiple benefits including helping crops through stress events, disease suppression, and enhanced nutrient availability and uptake.

Fish Plus is made from:

  • Fish Emulsion – Sourced from warm ocean fish caught in the Indian Ocean filleted for human consumption; low oil content. Food source for microbes.
  • Super Kelp – All natural kelp (seaweed) extract to promote root growth and tolerance to environmental stress.
  • Fulvic Acid Powder – Active carbon source for microbial activity, improves nutrient uptake.
  • Molasses – Energy source for microbes; stimulates microbial activity.
  • Phosphorus – Important component of energy transfer in the plant.
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