Smart Burn

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The SmartBurn combustion enhancing device removes existing creosote and prevents further build-ups in your flue. Also enjoy up to a 17% longer overnight burn, up to 54% less smoke emissions, and a cleaner glass door on your wood heater.

  • Simply place the SmartBurn tube level in your wood fire
  • When heated releases natural, non-toxic and non-corrosive catalyst
  • Optimize the performance of your fire, and value from your wood
  • Last for three months of continuous burning
  • Scientifically tested for efficiency and safety
  • Received 72 Awards for Environmental Sustainability and Innovation
  • Proudly Australia Made and family owned

As featured on multiple TV shows, see our customer reviews and testimonials. Maintain your flue simply, with Australia’s proven chimney cleaner whilst getting More Heat & Less Smoke from your wood fire today….with SmartBurn!

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