T&R Sheep Maintenance Cube

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Sheep Cubes are a highly palatable, cost-effective feed designed to help your flock achieve maximum feed conversion efficiency. Made using high quality protein and energy, and balanced vitamins and minerals to make them ideal for all production systems.


  • High energy to support optimum weight and health across a variety of grazing and production systems. Made with quality ingredients with no nutritionally poor fillers to ensure maximum feed conversion efficiency.
  • Fortified with our specially formulated vitamin and mineral premix to meet the minimum nutritional requirements for healthy growth or maintenance of sheep.
  • 6mm pelletised form is highly palatable and easy for sheep to pick up from the ground or in feeders while minimising dust and wastage. It also ensures uniformity of nutrition for each animal.
  • Made using Agolin Ruminant, an oil-based feed additive that buffers the rumen environment while enhancing rumen function, maximising your herd’s performance and reducing methane emissions
  • Manufactured and supplied to order. Each bag displays an ‘Expiry Date’, so you know it’s fresh.
  • GMO and Antibiotic Free. Made using fresh, natural ingredients with minimal processing to ensure they keep their natural goodness and flavour, and to maximise palatability for sheep.
  • We source the best natural ingredients from farmers in Western Australia, and manufacture locally.
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