WD-40 Fast Acting Citrus Degreaser, 400g

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WD-40 Specialist Fast Acting Citrus Degreaser is a water-based spray degreaser that quickly removes stubborn soiling such as oil, grease, dirt and grime without leaving any residue. Simply spray on the foaming formula before wiping or rinsing away for a clean finish. For heavy soiling, leave for a few seconds to penetrate through the dirt before wiping clean.

It’s perfect for a range of applications, from cleaning alloy wheels and tyre rims to degreasing engine components, and keeping them clean and running smoothly for longer.

WD-40 Fast Acting Citrus Degreaser is safe to use on uncoated metals, glass, and aluminium.

If you want a cleaner which lifts oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation from sensitive equipment, try our Fast Drying Contact Cleaner.

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