Zoetis GLANVAC® 6SB12, 500ml

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Glanvac 6 S B12 provides sheep with protection against Cheesy Gland (CLA) and the 5 main clostridial diseases (Black Disease, Black Leg, Malignant Oedema, Pulpy Kidney, and Tetanus) with the added benefit of correcting Selenium and Vitamin B12 deficiencies in sheep and lambs.

  • Cheesy Gland (CLA) is a risk to all Australian sheep flocks. Clostridial diseases are found Australia wide in the soil and the environment.
  • Selenium is an essential trace element that is vital for wool production, growth and fertility. Selenium deficiencies in sheep result in reduced wool production and growth rates, ill thrift, infertility in ewes and death of young lambs due to White Muscle Disease.
  • Vitamin B12 is required for energy production, cell division and replication as well as wool production. Vitamin B12 deficiencies in sheep result in decreased appetite, reduced growth rates, reduced lactation, reduced wool production and anaemia.
  • Glanvac 6S B12 utilises Zoetis' ultra-filtration technology, this allows the vaccine to produce a more targeted immune response in sheep, while providing producers with the convenience of a 1 mL dose rate.


  • Creates a high level of disease protection in the breeding flock.
  • Improves lambing and weaning percentages by preventing clostridial deaths such as Pulpy Kidney and Tetanus.
  • Improves meat quality through Cheesy Gland protection, ensuring export and domestic customers receive a quality product.
  • Improves wool quality and quantity by protecting against Cheesy Gland and maintaining vitamin B12 and Selenium reserves.
  • Maintains a high level of vitamin B12 in pregnant and lactating ewes during periods of high requirement.
  • Improves fleece quality and quantity by protecting against cheesy gland and maintaining vitamin B12 reserves.
  • In lambs and weaners supplementary Vitamin B12 can prevent:
    • Loss of appetite
    • Decreased growth rates
    • Weight loss and
    • Anaemia from Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Maintains levels of Selenium in the lactating ewe and lamb in a period of high requirement which aids in wool production, growth and fertility in ewes and helps to prevent white muscle disease in lambs.
  • 30-day reuse claim when label directions are followed correctly.


  • Control of caseous lymphadenitis (CLA or Cheesy Gland) and prevention of enterotoxaemia (Pulpy Kidney disease), Tetanus, Black Disease, Malignant Oedema and Blackleg in sheep and lambs plus Swelled Head in rams.
  • Treatment and prevention of vitamin B12 deficiency in sheep, in areas of known or suspected cobalt deficiency.
  • Prevents white muscle disease in lambs in areas of known or suspected Selenium deficiency. For use in selenium deficient areas only. Seek veterinary advice when selenium is being supplemented by other means.
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