Growers are liming now to adjust their soil’s PH and calcium profiles. The graph below shown how soil pH affects availability of plant nutrients:

Call Cowaramup Agencies for pit lime or, for smaller scaled jobs, use Calciprill. Read more here, or call Tim. Agronomist Brooke Anderson can offer advice on Calciprill and its use.

Calciprill is pure calcium carbonate, micronised and in a form that’s easy to handle and can run through standard fertiliser spreaders – so you can spin when you want. 

Benefits include:

Corrects soil pH to the most productive level
Provides essential calcium to enhance crop quality
Maximizes utilization of NPK fertilizers
Enables precise variable rate application
Apply at lower rates but more often, rather than a large dump of lime
Less dust
Certified for organic farming in National Standard and AS 6000 systems