Viticultural Update: Feburary 2020

The Margaret River Wine Region has more than 5.1 million tourists come to visit this magnificent part of the world every year, not only for the amazing coastline and the world class surfing, the delectable restaurants and eateries, and of course the arguably the World’s Best Wines 

A huge part of the success of the region relies on the cooler Mediterranean dry summer climate, offering a longer growing period for wine grapes. An unexpected string of above average temperatures or unexpected rainfall can see fruit quality drop and compromise wine quality.

Up until now the area has had a great season, while warm pre – Christmas, temperatures post-Christmas have been milder, leading to good quality fruit both red & white. Yields across the area look to be down but fruit flavours are some of the best they have been for several years. Neil spoke with Jim Campbell-Clause from AHA Viticulture about the fruit quality, yields, great Marri Blossom leading to little bird damage & very little disease pressure.