Cowaramup Agencies is joining Nature Conservation Margaret River to help out with the annual Margaret River Arum Lily Blitz to eradicate the weed from the region’s bushland.
Those who sign up to the Blitz can get their Chlorsulfuron herbicide free from us thanks to the WA Government’s State Natural Resources Management Program. And remember, you can also get all your herbicides, wetting agents, dye, and sprayers from us.
The best time to control arum lily is when 50 to 70% of the plants are in flower. In our area that is usually in August to October. If you plan to undertake arum lily spraying yourself we can help by providing FREE HERBICIDE and instructions for use of chlorsulfuron for arum lily control.
Please watch the video on how to spray arum lilies to ensure that you undertake the work in a way that minimises risks to yourself and the environment. If you prefer to outsource the job, follow the link below for a list of recommended contractors who we know to be experienced, thorough and careful.
For all you need to know, go to Nature Conservation Margaret River.
Arum Lily Blitz
Now in its 5th year, the Blitz is at a tipping point where real wins are being made to bring back bushland and biodiversity from the grip of the toxic introduced weed.
More than 1600 landholders across the Margaret River Region joining on-ground groups and government agencies controlling arums across 20,000-plus hectares.
Nature Conservation Margaret River  is looking to add 100 landholders to join the Blitz, as well as:
– Partner with more local groups, volunteer organisations and government agencies to widen the area where arums are controlled
– Plug the biggest gaps where control is not happening
– Lead a push to control arums in the southern Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park in the wake of the December 2021 bushfire
– Urging everyone to hit social media and share their stories and pictures with the hashtag “#arumlilyblitz
Arum lilies are an introduced species from South Africa and are one of the major threats to biodiversity in our region, according to  Natura Conservation Margaret River’s Mike Griffiths. “They outcompete the unique and colourful wildflowers, degrade forests, choke out understorey vegetation and crucial wildlife habitat with it.”
But the Blitz has been hitting back. Funded by the WA Government’s State Natural Resources Management Program until 2024, the Blitz offers free herbicide, information and resources. It also brings together local and state government agencies, businesses and landholders to work together.
All landholders are urged to join the Blitz (regardless of land size and experience level). See www.natureconservation.org.au