Kleenheat Gas Delivery

As the local name in LPG, Cowaramup Agencies provides friendly, reliable service and delivery.

Kleenheat LPG cylinders are a convenient, efficient and clean solution for your cooking, heating, hot water and energy needs.

We deliver TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS, or same day if an emergency.

We deal in three sizes of cylinders; the standard 45kg household cylinder and the smaller Kwik-Gas sizes of 8.5kg and 3.7kg. These smaller cylinders are used for barbecues, outdoor heating and camping gas appliances.

The household cylinders remain the property of Kleenheat, so be aware that you sign up for an annual rental fee through a contract with Kleenheat, however the first 12 months’ rental is free.

The smaller bottles can be purchased and refilled.

  • If you are new to Kleenheat, simply sign up in store with us, or online.
  • If your enquiry relates to Kleenheat Gas supply OUTSIDE of Cowaramup & surrounds, call Kleenheat direct: 13 21 80
  • If you are already a Kleenheat customer in the Cowaramup region, simply call us on 9755 5279 to place your order.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the standard household gas cylinder size?
A: 45kg

Q: Do you deliver?
A: Yes, we deliver gas to homes and businesses within a 20km radius from the shop on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. A delivery fee applies.

Q: Can I pick up the cylinders with my own transport?
A: Yes, but please note the cylinders must be safely conveyed standing upright in an open mode of transport like the back of a utility or a trailer and the maximum amount of 45kg cylinders you can legally carry is two. It is illegal to carry a 45kg cylinder in an enclosed vehicle.

Q: I have moved into a newly built house and want Kleenheat Gas supplied. What steps do I take?
A: New builds are provided with a Notice of Completion from a qualified gas plumber. This form and number needs to be used when signing up to Kleenheat Gas. Come in to the shop and we will help you fill out your Kleenheat gas agreement. Once that is done we can supply the cylinders asap.

Q: I have moved into a house where previous owners have resided and there are existing gas cylinders. What do I do if I want gas?
A: The previous owners will need to either take the cylinders with them, or end the agreement with Kleenheat Gas. If they are uncontactable, these cylinders will need to be returned via Cowaramup Agencies. As the new tenant, you will need to sign a new Cylinder Agreement.

Q: I am moving. Do I take my cylinders with me?
A: Taking the cylinders with you saves paperwork. If this is inconvenient, and the cylinders are in your name, please sign a returned cylinder receipt in store. You will need to provide your Kleenheat Gas account number.

Q: I no longer use bottled gas and I want to return the cylinders. Can Cowaramup Agencies pick them up for me?
A: Yes. We do charge a fee for this.