We cannot stress enough the importance of ordering your seed early, with COVID-related supply issues already impacting growers. Too busy to think about it? Talk to Mike or Brooke about your cover crop/pasture goals.

WATCH CLIP HERE Filmed 04.02.22. Duration 7.05min

What are you trying to achieve with your vineyard cover crop? Weed burden reduction? Nutrient content? Reducing a vigorous site? Drawing moisture from a wet site? Aesthetics?

Mike Sleegers from Cowaramup Agencies and Brooke Anderson from Agronomy Solutions focus in on South West vineyard cover crops, offering hints at how these can be improved:

Single species or mix it up?

De-vigouring with cereals

What works on wetter sites?

When to mulch/slash – or allow seed set

Bulk it up or keep it low?

Green manuring for following season

Seed bed preparation – doing it right.

Ask about our special ‘Cowie Mix’ developed by Cowaramup Agencies and DLS (formerly PGG Wrightson) Seeds. It’s made here, specifically for South West vineyards.


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