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A strategic partnership to deliver pest control solutions for Australia. With over 200 international and island rodent eradication projects to safeguard rare wildlife totalling 70,000 hectares across 20 countries, including Australia, Orillion is a world leader in pest control product design, manufacture and distribution. In operation since the 1950's, Orillion is a safe and dependable manufacturer of pest control products, priding itself on operating strict safety quality assurance protocols throughout its development, manufacturing and supply processes. Formulated by Orillion and manufactured in small batches in New Zealand in partnership with Bainbridge, our rodent baits are highly effective, kill with a single feed, and are highly palatable to rodents. Developed as a fast acting solution both in
plagues and controlling low density rodent problems. A potent extruded chocolate flavoured bait containing second generation active, brodifacoum (0.05g/kg), for use in bait stations


  • It is important to remove or make it hard to access all other food sources from the target area, such as food scraps, garbage or stockfeed.
  • Use gloves when handling the bait. Rodents are intelligent and suspicious of human scent so they may avoid baits and bait stations when handled.
  • In rural areas, dealing with rodents can be more challenging and require more than one bait station. Spread multiple bait stations dependant on rodent numbers. From one per 100m2 for light infestations to five per 100m2 for heavy and localised infestations. Maintain fresh bait and replace every two to three days initially and every week or two as the situation becomes under control.
  • Use a bait station to keep your bait fresh and dry while also protecting non-target animals. It is important to ensure you dispose of any dead rodent bodies to protect non-target animals from secondary poisoning. Excess or spoiled bait should be disposed.
  • Follow the directions on the pack.


  • Like humans, rodents prefer fresher and higher quality foods.
  • Rodents will reject lower quality foods when given a choice, so bait selection is important.


  • Bainbridge Rodent Baits are made in small regular batches and contain low levels of wax that results in a highly palatable bait to rodents.
  • Bainbridge Rodent Baits features a chocolate lure to entice the rodents to eat enough bait so that a single feed is a lethal dose.
  • Brodifacoum is designed to kill rodents in a single feed as a fast acting and long term solution to control rats and mice
  • The formula for this bait has been developed with minimal wax and made fresh in small batches to ensure maximum palatability
  • There are no bittering agents included as this may cause rodents to reject the bait
  • Designed for quick take up to quickly control your rodent problem
  • The blocks feature a central hole through the bait, which allows fixing by wire in a bait station
  • Made in New Zealand
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