INFACO F3020 Electronic Pruning Shear

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The F3020 electric pruning shear is the worthy heir to the F3015. After over 6 years of research, tests and fine-tuning, INFACO is proud to present its latest model of pruning shears. A genuine concentrate of technology, the F3020 builds on the highly respected F3015 technical base adding many improvements to allow our clients to continue using the best tool available on the market.

Even more effective than the F3015, the F3020 has higher cutting speeds and improved work comfort.

Lighter, more compact and easier to handle than the previous generations, the F3020 once again demonstrates the brand’s will to satisfy the greatest number.

Loaded with technological advances, the pruning shear can now be “connected” using an optional Bluetooth® box. This new system makes it possible to report highly relevant data in order to achieve ever more effective pruning work.

This connectivity option, combined with the new INFACO® application provides the possibility of making a multitude of adjustments directly from a smartphone (adjustable blade opening management, blade crossing, new Soft mode speed configuration, etc.) but also offers advanced reading and analysis of the data collected during the device’s use.

  • Compact and lightweight : 708 g
  • Performances : power and easy handling
  • High cutting capacity :
    40 mm Standard Kit
    45 mm Medium Kit
    55 mm Maxi
  • Kit Ergonomic and design
  • Technological and Connected
  • DSES Wireless cut prevention system as standard
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