IRONMAX Pro® Slug and Snail Bait, 15kg

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IRONMAX Pro® provides Australian growers with an iron-based product in a superior delivery system for excellent control of slugs and snails.

IRONMAX Pro contains IPMax, an optimised, high-quality form of iron phosphate from De Sangosse.

The optimised iron phosphate combined with the enhanced delivery system based on COLZACTIVE® technology (also found in METAREX INOV®), makes IRONMAX Pro very attractive to slugs and snails.


  • Nil grazing and harvest withholding periods when used in accordance with the label
  • Provides a different mode of action
  • Gentle on the environment
  • Certified input for organic production
  • Maximum attractiveness
  • Enhanced palatability
  • Excellent ballistics for even spreading

® Registered Trademark of De Sangosse SA

Product Information
Registered uses Agricultural and horticultural situations
Pack size 15 kg,
Formulation Bait
Active ingredient 9.0 g/kg IRON present as IRON PHOSPHATE ANHYDROUS
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