Microlene 10" Filter Housing for Mains Water

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Used with cartridge filters; the mains water filter housings are determined by how many taps or appliances you want to provide water to and are matched to the cartridge selection.

For a single tap, a standard 10″ housing will suffice and for anything larger a jumbo 10″ or 20″ will handle a greater number of taps and therefore a larger flow rate.

Sediment Filters

Sediment cartridges should be replaced/cleaned/sanitised when the water flow has been noticeably reduced/or after 3-6 months - which ever comes first (this is for hygiene reasons).


1PS10 - 1 micron

5PS10 - 5 micron


5PP10 - 5 micron

20PP10 - 20 micron

Carbon Cartridge Filter

These should be replaced when they no longer remove taste or odour from the water, or when blocked, or after 6 months - whichever comes first. The life of the cartridge can vary with the condition of incoming water.

PPAC10 - Pleated carbon Impregnated, 10 Micron

ACB10 - Carbon Block, 5 Micron

BPAC10 - Carbon Block, 0.5mic

SBPAC10 - Carbon Block with Silver 0.5 Micron

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