Experienced organic viticulture specialist Mike Sleegers joined Cowaramup Agencies to help vineyards achieve greater outcomes with organics.

Mike offers consultation on organic growing, service and supply for wine growers and other businesses looking to improve their outputs with organics.

Mike is credited with converting two premium Margaret River wineries to organic certification over a period of 20 years. Part of his service will be helping grape (and other) growers on their conversion to organics, including identifying what to look for and how to approach changing practices.

Mike is able to advise on any part of a grower’s journey towards organic certification, or increasing focus on growing with organics. Mike can provide organic solutions to soil profiles, parasite and weed control, sustainable nutrients and other essential considerations in sustainable farming.

Give Mike a call on 0436 128 112 to talk organics, or CONTACT US


Organic fertilisers (liquid and solid), organic crop health products, soil health products, crop stress products, weed control, pest management, fencing and trellising, winery inputs