Waratah Gripfast Trellis Post

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These Australian made high grade steel posts offer a cost effective alternative to traditional trellising systems.

  • They can be used in both new developments and to maintain existing failed trellis structures for increased productivity.
  • These light weight zinc alloy galvanised posts are 100% recyclable and meet organic certifications.
  • The post's unique six-crescent design profile allows for versatility in managing canopies when undertaking manual or mechanical pruning. This design supports closer row spacing and as wire don't protrude past the post profile they allow mechanical harvesting right up to the post.
  • The slots along the length of the post allows easy height adjustment of foliage wires.
  • No staples or clips means installation costs are reduced.
  • Gripfast Extensions can be used on timber posts to increase trellis height.
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